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Paving The Way

Join The Pearl Club as we provide a platform to discuss the impact of a postsecondary education and how we can facilitate, foster and mobilize our youth to overcome poverty. Panelists will engage, empower and challenge guests to promote and encourage the youth in their community. 

Keynote Speaker: Jessica Ruffin, Carlow University

Panelists: Karina Chavez, PCHE
Jessica Ruffin, Carlow University


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In collaboration with Gwen's Girls, The Pearl Club will co-host Girls Who Network, a networking experience that will engage local girls in grades 9-12, who will gain an understanding of the importance of networking, learn networking basics and tools, and demonstrate their networking skills in a room full of supportive women representing all sectors and disciplines of business and community life. The day includes workshops for the girls, networking with some of the most influential women in the city and lunch.

Students and volunteers will have meaningful interactions as you engage in dialog about personal aspirations and goal setting, post-secondary plans, personal presentation, verbal and nonverbal communication, common interests, etc.  

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Empowerment Workshop at Chatham University

"College Readiness Starts Here" our 2nd Annual Empowerment Workshop aims to increase the awareness and knowledge-base for young women aiming to pursue higher education and lead successful lives. Our goal is to help young women not only prepare for college access, but for life success. The Empowerment Workshop will address the following topics:

  • Defining College Readiness
  • Negotiation Skills 
  • Paying for College and Financial Aid
  • Career Readiness Skills
  • Finding A College Fit
  • Understanding yourself to Achieve Success
  • Mental Health 
  • Grade-specific pre-college advising

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