In 7 years, we expect to invest just over $6,000 enabling her to earn $45,450, three times the poverty limit.

The Pearl Club is Always in My Corner

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Paradise started her collegiate career at Slippery
Rock University, but due to struggling academically and
suffering from test anxiety, Paradise lost her financial aid and could not enroll the next year. Paradise’s confidence flustered. She didn’t think she would get back on track and attain her degree. Most students in her case would drop out, move back home and find a low-wage job. 

Through weekly meetings, several phone calls, dropped courses, a year at a local community college, changing majors, difficult
conversations and wrong decisions, Paradise remains on the path to earning her college degree and overcoming poverty.

“The Pearl Club has always been in my corner, no matter what. I have made some mistakes and probably should not be enrolled in college right now. The Pearl Club has worked with me to make sure I didn’t drop out.”

Paradise will be graduating with her Bachelor of Social Work in
December of 2018. 

No matter what, I know who to turn to


Niasia has always wanted to be an Engineer. But, life didn't work out the way she thought. In her math and science classes she struggled. She went to tutoring. She watched videos. She went to office hours and study groups. It wasn't enough. Nothing worked.

Her grades were too low to receive financial aid. She was not even given academic probation. She was kicked out of Alfred University. 

She had two choices. Go back home do nothing like most of the peers she graduated with. Or, enroll in another institution and continue with the plan she set for herself. Earning a college degree was a necessity. She had her Pearl Club Coach to reach out to establish a new plan. 

Through weekly meetings, summer workshops, career assessments, intense academic planning, financial aid and too many portals to count, Niasia has finally found her niche within Sports Management. 

"No matter what, The Pearl Club has never let me call it quits at the end of the day and has helped steer me in the right direction. It's scary how different my life could be right now."

For our young women, we are their inner voice helping them defeat the odds. From Day 1 to a lifetime.

“You have been rooting for me through the whole college process and journey. You push me to want to see success for myself and graduate from a four year college. I am pushed not to just settle, but to always excel.
— R. Lindsay, SUNY at Brockport
I am going to be the first Pearl to graduate, which is amazing and weird at the same time. The impact The Pearl Club has had on me is too long to list. Not only have I narrowed down what I want to do with my life, I have been helped to sort through the more logical stuff in life to help me plan my future. Everything from sending me to conferences and exercises to narrow down my career interest to the small stuff like listening to me rant. The Pearl Club has been my rock!
— A. Owens, Point Park University



85 percent of young women have
faced and been supported to
overcome obstacles that should
have deterred them from earning their college degree. This includes: 

  1. Financial barriers
  2. Social barriers
  3. Family Pressures
  4. Academic Difficulties
  5. among many others


Our Outcomes:

85 percent of students demonstrate growth in self-management, presentation skills and networking and have increased their grit score by at least 1 point.

100 percent of students matriculate to college immediately following high school and complete their first year.

100 percent of students complete one year and transition to their second

100 percent of students return for their sophomore year

“There are many factors that will affect a person’s life. The most important of these factors is whether or not one has a college degree.”
— C. Brown, East Orange STEM Academy

Empower Her to Overcome the Crossroads of Poverty by making a donation.

  • $25 provides young women with one hour of skill building and character development to reduce the poverty mentality.
  • $50 provides young women with 2 hours of individualized mentorship to determine their best college fit to proactively beat poverty.
  • $100 provides 2 young women with care packages allowing them to focus on what's important, their future. 
  • $250 provides a group of young women access to a purposeful and engaging summer workshop to empower them to be prepared to complete their first year of college.
  • $500 provides young women with a semester of individualized mentorship and enrichment dedicated to empowering her to successfully overcome the barriers of completing one year of college.
“The Pearl Club has always been in my corner, no matter what. I have made some mistakes and probably should not be enrolled in college
right now. The Pearl Club has worked with me to make sure I didn’t drop out.”
— P. Callahan, Carlow University