A life free of poverty begins in high school. Long before adulthood. It requires overcoming the crossroads. 

Young Women share why earning a college degree is important to them. 

Young Women share why earning a college degree is important to them. 


We have identified the five-pivotal crossroads where we intervene to ensure they remain on the path to earning a college degree, overcoming poverty and reaching their potential.

1.   Best Fit College - providing mentorship and academic support to ensure that students are able to get into the best fit college the first time. This includes culture, academic and financial fit.

2.   Successful Completion of First Year of College - providing intentional and engaging workshops during the summer and structured and purposeful mentorship during the fall and spring semester to ensure that young women start college immediately following high school and successfully complete their first year.

3.   Reducing the Poverty Mentality – helping young women build grit and resilience, develop character traits and skills that increase their chances of success in post-secondary environments and in life.

4.   Academic and Career Exploration - each year as a college student, young women accomplish 10 – 12 goals that support their ability to progress professionally and academically. Goals include going to office hours, attending networking events, studying abroad, joining a student organization and more.

5.   Graduation and Beyond – ensuring that young women earn degrees with hiring potential and secure opportunities that provide the earning potential and benefits to change their life.

“There are many factors that will affect a person’s life. The most important of these factors is whether or not one has a college degree.”
— C. Brown, East Orange STEM Academy


We offer The Pearl Club University (TPCU), a 7-year college success sisterhood for young women beginning in the 10th grade. TPCU provides young women with a holistic preparatory tool, mentorship, ongoing and intentional enrichment and a support system to persevere through crossroads of poverty and postsecondary and career success.


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