In less than 4 years, 65 percent of jobs will require some form of college education.

We offer the School of College Success (SCS) to empower young women to overcome poverty by earning a post-secondary degree and enter the workforce. 

The School of College Success provides support and academic enrichment to assist and guide students through college to graduation. Specifically, SCS provides:

Be a College Student for a Week: All students have the opportunity to prepare for college through an authentic college experience.

Pre-College Assistance: Incoming freshman students receive transition support to ensure that they are registered for classes, have completed all financial aid requirements, secured housing, and are ready to begin their first semester. 

College Enrichment and Mentorship: During the academic school year, all college students receive ongoing coaching and assistance. 

College Success Goals: Each year, college students are given 8-10 College Success Goals to ensure they remain on the path to college graduation and intentional about their plans post-college graduation. 

Emergency Financial Assistance: Students who have been enrolled in TPCU for at least a year and have at least a 2.5 college GPA will have the opportunity to receive emergency support up to $1000.